My husband Rogerand I are middle-aged dropouts. At least, that’s what I think we are given the lack of a better definition. We’re certainly not ‘retired’ since we aren’t living off a pension (and we’re way too young!); we aren’t ‘unemployed’, as we’ve deliberately walked away from paid employment and we’re not looking for another job; we’re not ‘supported’ because we don’t receive money from any kind of social fund. ‘Early retirees’, then? Maybe, but I quite like ‘dropouts’ as it sums up so well precisely what we have done: made a conscious decision to step off the hamster wheel of inevitability and live our lives a little differently. Simply. Happily. Fully. Living in a little mountain house in beautiful Asturias, we are as poor as peasants but as rich as kings. By sharing some of our ideas and experiences, I’m hoping we can inspire others to live life as an adventure and follow their dreams. Come in. Welcome. Stay as long as you want. Please feel free to leave a comment. If nothing else, I hope you leave with a smile!