New year, new home

I’d forgotten just how chaotic and exhausting house moving can be; when it involves a race against changing residency laws, a pandemic and the madness that is Christmas, even more so.

The most important thing for us, though, is that we here and settling into our new home and the next exciting chapter in our lives together. I have no time to write as yet but wanted to share a few photos with you; I have always thought that Mayenne does beautiful mornings rather well and today is no exception. Mind you, I can’t remember the last time we woke to something this cold – my goodness, how we are going to have to adapt to northern winters once again! Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year, I sincerely hope that 2021 will bring much change for the better so that we can all enjoy greater certainty, safety and the freedom to catch up with loved ones once more in a proper celebration of life, love and what it is to be human. Good health, peace and happiness to all! 🥰