6 thoughts on “Welcome, May!

  1. Glorious! Your veggies look so healthy…it’s all that hard work you put into them, Lis, and the throwing of snails over the fence!!!

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    1. Ha ha, the wonders of gastropod flight! 🙂 I’m trying a lot of companion planting, too, this year, mainly to try and persuade the white butterflies to ignore the brassicas. Possibly a forlorn hope, but worth a go. The ranunculus I planted after inspiration from your garden are lovely but the multi-coloured pack I bought (from a reputable Dutch bulb company) turns out to be all white and lemon!!! Not quite the bright colour hit I’d hoped for, but still so pretty.


      1. That’s a shame Lis. I wonder if you will get other colours next year? I have many in my garden so I don’t take much notice if they come up true to colour in following springs. Perhaps the bees will do a bit of cross pollinating!

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      2. I’m really not sure, Jane. I’ve never grown them before so didn’t know what to expect. I think I need to do a bit of reading up. It’s no problem, they’re still very beautiful and if I have to plant more to get some colour well, so be it. How we gardeners suffer! 🙂


    1. Isn’t it incredible what an effect on gardening different climates have? There’s so much we can grow here with ease that never flourished on our windswept Welsh hillside and the much longer growing season is fantastic. I’d struggle with your heat but few slugs sounds like a dream. ¡Disfruta de Andalucía! 🙂


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