Six on Saturday 30th June 2018

We’ve had a blast of heat this week, the kind that leaves everything in the garden flagging and wilting in a slightly soporific way during the afternoon and evening . . . but there are no complaints. Overnight temperatures in the high teens and a little gentle rainfall to freshen things up have encouraged maximum growth and certain plants seem to have doubled in size in a matter of days. We might have been several weeks behind this year but suddenly the gap is closing and glut time is knocking on the door. Yippee! Here are my Spanish Six for today.


Having sat in the ground looking less than enthusiastic for several weeks, the cucumbers have decided this is the week to do something more energetic. Maybe they didn’t like the look of the very ‘unique’ climbing frame I fashioned for them out of three twirly metal tomato stakes (bought in France many years ago, one of the most brilliant garden equipment investments ever), a stout hazel pole, twine and three corks (a decent Rioja, by the way – someone has to do it :-)). Well, art it isn’t but it will do the job. I planted two varieties – ‘Diva’ and ‘Marketmore76’ – but despite a resolution to try and keep tabs on labels this year I have failed in spectacular fashion, so I have no idea what each of the five plants is. No worries, it’s good to see the first tiny fruits forming and if the last couple of years are anything to go by, we will be up to our necks in cucumbers in no time at all. Mmm, bring on the chilled cucumber and yogurt soup, such a perfect lunch dish in this warm weather.



Another crop that invariably grows well here is squash; in fact, give it another month and they will be threatening to take over the valley. This year I have planted several new varieties sent to me by a Finnish friend which I am watching with great interest, but our absolute favourite ‘Crown Prince’ and the butternut variety ‘Harrier’ both went in as bulk staples (we have only just eaten the final stored butternut from last year’s harvest). Good old ‘Crown Prince’ is already well on the way to another bumper crop.


Continuing with my theme from a couple of weeks ago, here is the late large-flowered clematis ‘Polish Spirit,’  yet another bargain basement supermarket buy that has started to flourish in its second year. It’s making quite an impact with those deep, velvety blooms sprawling along a post and rail fence in front of the rather unglamorous white polythene of the polytunnel; gorgeous throughout  the day, but I love them with the evening sunshine backlighting their show.



One of the enduring memories of my grandparents’ north Shropshire garden is a fabulous butterfly-studded lavender hedge. I’ve never been able to emulate it in my own gardens, possibly because we’ve always gardened in higher, wetter, windier places and who could blame the plant for its refusal to thrive in those conditions? Now, at long last, I have a dozen or so basic ‘Munstead’ plants grown from a cheap packet of Wilko seed; they are thriving and have really come into their own this week so I have been crumbling a few flowers as a last-minute addition to my petal confetti. Perfect!



The next one is something I had never really come across before we moved here so I needed to do a bit of research (thank goodness for the internet). It’s a tillandsia (I think tillandsia stricta) which grows literally suspended in the air. Thriving on high humidity, it’s little wonder they grow well here, although most of the others we’ve seen have been in gardens down on the coast. There were two balls of them here when we arrived two years ago; on the day we bought the house, the former owner (who insisted on being here to instruct us in how to operate the door keys – we obviously looked totally inept) plucked a flower bud off one and with a theatrical flourish, stuffed it up his nose to indicate – I assume- an impressive scent. Sadly, it proved to be the only bud on either plant and there has been no sign of another until now. This week, one plant has finally burst into bloom and the flowers are quite curious, pink buds that open into tiny blue blooms. Unfortunately, they are hanging too high for me to check their scent (and they are competing with some highly-perfumed roses) . . . but after two years, it’s good to see them.



I won’t be Sixing next Saturday as we will be busy celebrating our son’s wedding in a rather beautiful West Sussex garden; by accident rather than design, the day before just happens to be our own anniversary. When we reached a ‘biggy’ three years ago, my parents-in-law gave us a beautiful Persica floribunda rose called ‘For Your Eyes Only.’ It was voted Rose of the Year in 2015 and little wonder: it is an absolute stunner and was one of a tiny handful of plants we brought with us when we moved here. It flowers three times a year and has burst into its second flush this week, bang on time for our anniversary as it has done each year. Thank you, you gorgeous thing!


Time now to pop over to The Propagator and catch up with what everyone else has been up to in their gardens this week. 🙂

14 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 30th June 2018

  1. A lovely post Lis, so enjoyable to read. Your vegetables look as though they’re flourishing. Enjoy the wedding next week ( will you do a post??) and happy anniversary!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Jane! Yes, the veg have really responded to a bit of sunshine this week (us too, actually!). Very excited about the wedding, I’ll definitely do a post when we’re back, not least because Sam and Adrienne have planned something very personal and a bit different, very much in keeping with my own philosophy of life. It should be a truly lovely day. 🙂

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  2. That ROSE! Wow! I want one too 😊. Happy Anniversary for next week and congratulations and blessings for a happy marriage to your son! Garden weddings are divine. Can’t wait to see the photos!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Nat. I am so excited, it should be such a lovely occasion and totally up my street (or garden, as it were). If you can find ‘For Your Eyes Only’ then treat yourself – she’ s a real beauty, just can’t stop flowering and great for bees, too. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I may have to find that one. Ali from the mindfulgarden will be stoked to find between the two of you I have become a rose convert 😂😂😂

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    1. Thanks, Ali! They are so different but equally beautiful. I’m still a long way from having a gorgeous collection of roses to match yours but maybe one day . . . I really think you NEED ‘For Your Eyes Only’, though! 🙂


  3. Here I am, a day late, so can only be redundant in saying, wow, that rose . . . but I shall add that hopefully you’ll have some recipes in future Sixes? Cuz it sounds like you have ideas. BIG ideas that’d go good on the table.

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    1. Thank you, Lora -your comment is not redundant at all! The rose is a real beauty, I think everyone should have one! I hadn’t thought about recipes but you have sown a little seed now . . . 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I must admit no-one is more surprised by the lavender than me, it’s lovely to have the occasional unexpected success, isn’t it? Apologies for the delayed reply, we have been travelling without internet!


    1. Thank you! Sorry for delayed reply, we have been travelling without internet, Off to find a suitable rose to give in lieu of a wedding card today, just the sort of task I love. Good to see so much summer in the UK, I know everyone is desperate for water but the gardens all look so beautiful!


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